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PREPARE-SE É DE TIRAR O FÔLEGO... LITERALMENTE...(clique no Diggie Vit... e boa viagem)

Podem começar a babar, o trabalho de Diggie Vitt é de tirar o fôlego.
Nos sete meses que se passaram desde a última aparição do talentoso fotógrafo Diggie Vitt , muita coisa mudou : ele embarcou em uma longa viagem através dos Estados Unidos , a fim de obter inspiração para seu trabalho. Se mudou de Jacksonville, Flórida, para Los Angeles, e finalmente completou seu trabalho de um ano: Projeto 365. No meio de todas estas transformações e mudanças de vida, uma coisa permaneceu constante : a fotografia incrivelmente surreal de Vitt.
As imagens de Vitt estão cada vez melhores, mais lindas e impressionantes. O artista abusa do surrealismo, experimentando temas diversos e paletas de cores maravilhosas. Vitt também experimenta com sobreposições e modificações feitas com o próprio filme fotográfico, sem nunca perder o ar misterioso de seu trabalho.
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The idea of faking a death is so intriguing,Philip Sessarago was a military man in The Royal Aetillery with aspirations of joining the SAS. He failed to be accepted twice by the SAS. In 1993 he faked his death by claiming to detonate a landline in Bosnia. He changed his name to Tom Carew and a penned the book, Jihad !The book was on its way to being a best seller after being serialized in the New York Times. Jihad ! was released in paperback the day before the 9/11 attacks. The book’s timing was perfect as he claimed to be an expert on the tactics used by the terrorists, which led to many interviews. In a 2001 interview his deception came to light when he was recognized by his children. 
I also used my favorite Alex Ebert lyric for this, “I will never die, amen.”
diamond--diva inquired i am really so obsessed with your work, it is so beautiful. i about went through all of it yesterday. Where do you get the ideas from? seriously your work is flawless
I draw inspiration from a lot of different things. I use to draw a lot of inspiration from personal experiences, then inspirational books that I read(Mostly from Rob Bell), but lately everything has been on a whim. So I’ll create a photo on the spot just searching through my surroundings. But it is a skill to find and use inspiration, and I’m always searching for new ways to become inspired.
researcherevilking inquired Your work is FANTASTIC. Do you sell prints?
I do!

I sell my prints through Society6, I don’t have all of my prints listed. If there is something specific you want and it’s not listed, let me know and I will be more than happy to list it!

I had a great time staying in upper east Manhattan for 2 weeks. I got to experience my first speak easy. You walk down a staircase and ring a doorbell, then a well-dressed door man will walk out to get your reservations for this beautiful secret cocktail bar. It was a little lonely spending Christmas alone, but me and a friend managed to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve! An experience that will probably only happen once. It was amazing, but was a lot of work and stress to get a decent view.

I got to visit one of my favorite photographers, Patty Maher, in Toronto Canada. She was so nice and helpful! This was my first time leaving the country, and let me tell you, the immigration offices are a joke! It was harder to get back into my own country! Why!? While touring the city, I spent a lot of time trying to develop a Canadian accent, which is by far, the most “ok” Canadian impression. On my way back to NYC I unexpectedly got to see Niagara Falls! Frozen!

After I got back from NYC, I went to Pittsburg. It is actually a really awesome city! With 446 bridges, there is literally one on every other block. It was my second time couch surfing which was a really great experience. I stayed with a really helpful graphic designer who informed me on one of the coolest abandoned houses I have been to! This house has been vacant for 8 years, and is still furnished with 4 beds(mostly flipped on their side), desks, tables, and children’s toys. I also got to hang out with a Jacksonville friend who helped me with develop my kickstarter! He is about to be married into the family I stayed with in Detroit, how ironic!

Detroit was such a heart warming experience. I stayed with my friends sister who was going through a lot of financial trouble. I was glad to see her reaction when she received a large, God-sent check to fix all of her financial struggles! I got to experience my first 3 casinos, I even walked out with more money!! I can proudly say I participated in the 2014 snow challenge. You can visit my instagram and watch me dive into the snow, wearing only my boxers.

I’m in Chicago now. Unfortunately I came here with my boots falling apart(Don’t purchase Forever 21 boots). After a month, the sole came off of the bottom of one shoe. I decided to just take it to a shoe repair store, so hopefully they can fix it!! When I walked into my hostel I was talking to one of my roommates. He is looking for a school to begin his Ph.D, and I found out he is familiar with my photography! What a small world! Tomorrow I am going to St. Louis to stay with my family for a week.

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